do you offer anything for kids?

We do offer Sunday morning groups for nursery through 6th grade. Before service begins, nursery through toddlers are checked in at Suite 103 on the first floor, three through five year olds are checked in at Suite 303, and Kindergarten through 6th grade are checked in at Suite 302.  When you take your child to their classroom we will answer any additional questions you may have and introduce you to their teachers.

Outside of Sunday mornings, we also offer a ministry to students (grades 7-12).  Click to learn more.

how do i connect to Redeemer?

  1. Meet someone.  We are a relational church, so the best way to connect is to offer your hand to someone in friendship, encourage them and perhaps go out to lunch with them. 
  2. Attend a Newcomers Lunch.  Wanna find out about Redeemer and what we are about?  A newcomer lunch is a great place to eat a free meal, meet some other newcomers and ask your questions.   To let us know that you'd like to come, contact us.
  3. Join a Group.  Beginning in the Fall there will be a number of Group options.  Our normal entry point is the Connect Card which allows us to know who is interested in joining a Group. Find out more here.
  4. Attend an Event - Connect events for women and men occur approximately every six weeks and church-wide events occur quarterly. These are great opportunities to meet new friends and begin to develop community!
  5. Volunteer to serve.  Getting involved in serving is a sure way to meet new people.  Changing diapers or setting up on Sunday mornings together definitely promotes community!

how do i keep up with what is going on?

  1. The WEB! - Thanks for visiting us!  Keep exploring.
  2. Facebook - Like us on facebook.com/redeemercommunity to keep up with us on your newsfeed.
  3. Twitter - Follow us at @redeemerinfo to see redeemer tweets and announcements.

how should i dress?

Comfortably! People wear everything from shorts and jeans to dresses and button-down shirts, but we want you to come as you are and be yourself. This means that if you can connect with God more easily in your blue jeans then slap on your Levis. It also means that if something more formal helps you focus and prepare for worship – then wear it! Our focus is not on who wears what, but whether people are connecting with God and with others.

what kind of church are you?

We are not affiliated with a denomination nor a particular style of church. Just like you, we’re utterly unique! Although we are a part of a network of new churches called the Acts 29 Network, we simply see ourselves as a missional community of Jesus-followers who share life together and want to connect our community to God. 

when & where do you meet?

Redeemer Community Church meets Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 11:00 am on the second floor of the King Building at the corner of S. Roan St. and Main St. (300 E. Main Street).  Our main parking area is found on State of Franklin Drive, south of Roan Street, or on the street downtown.  View a map of our location!

who are we?

We are not merely a group of "church goers" who are united by similar interests and activities.  Redeemer is an organic community of Jesus-followers in Johnson City, Tennessee who share life together and who are on a relational mission to connect our city to God.

People frequently talk about the relational and life-giving nature of our community. Some say it is because we're not caught up in promoting and protecting an organization, but focused on God's grand story of redemption. Many think it's because we get so excited about launching people into God's vision for their lives. Still others talk about how our community is both close-knit and yet swings the door wide open to people, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. Whatever the reason, we are so thankful that God has left His mark here.

will i be singled out?

Our goal for your first experience here is to launch you into a spiritual journey with God and that you befriend others who are committed to God, one another and His mission. That doesn't mean that we'll single you out publicly nor ask you to stand and introduce yourself.

Of course, we welcome newcomers and tell them how to connect during our announcements. So, if you have questions along the way, let us know. We want your introduction to this place to be as smooth as possible!