Thank you for considering Partnership in the Gospel at Redeemer! Redeemer Partnership is not a commitment to a church program.  Partnership is about centering your entire life around the Gospel and investing everything you are, have and do in Christ's mission of multiplying disciples. More specifically, Partners are those who voluntarily:

  • Live out our Gospel mission: Enjoy Christ, Love His Friends & Engage the World 

  • Pray for the advancement of the Gospel & for each other

  • Pursue unity by following the elders, beliefs and unity statements

  • Invest your time, strengths and finances in Redeemer

Please register for the next Gospel Partnership class at Redeemer if you are interested in becoming a partner.  

Partnership Class Registration


Group Questions

What does it mean to be on mission in a group?

Basically it means that the leader has identified a 'people group' that they want to reach with the gospel and you want to join in.

Can I try a Group to explore that mission and group chemistry?

What a great idea! Go for it.

What do I do if I am already in a discipleship group of 3-4?

If your group is “on mission”  please continue meeting and look for others to join your group.  If not, contact Jeff Martin to talk about what it looks like for your group to Engage the World.

What do I do if I want to lead a Group?

Please contact Jeff to start the conversation!