Date Title COM_FABRIK_ORDERSpeaker
Passage Songsheet AudioFile
08-23-2009 Stop Being Angry, Since God's Not Angry with Us (Propition) Jim Fickley Good News About Forgiveness
08-16-2009 Set Free, Since You've Been Set Free John Fooshee Good News About Forgiveness Matt. 18:21-35
07-05-2009 Anxiety John Speropulos Abraham Phillipians 4
06-21-2009 God's Covenant: Circumcision & Seed John Fooshee Abraham Genesis 17
06-14-2009 God's Covenant with Abram John Fooshee Abraham Genesis 15
06-07-2009 Abram rescues Lot & Meets Melchizedek John Fooshee Abraham Genesis 14
05-17-2009 The Call & Mission of Abram John Fooshee Abraham Genesis 11:27-12:9
05-10-2009 The Call of Moses Daniel McIntosh Speaker's Choice Exodus 3
04-26-2009 Call for Compassion & Working in the Harvest (i.e. International Children) John Fooshee Speaker's Choice Matt. 9:35-10:2; Ez. 34:1-16
04-05-2009 Healing the Man Born Blind John Fooshee Signs of Christ (in the Gospel of John) John 9:1-7