Executive Pastor


The executive pastor leads the staff, oversees the church’s operations, and develops the congregation in stewardship and generosity. This role requires a passion for both leadership development (helping the staff team thrive) and practical stewardship (running stuff well and getting stuff done). The right leader will possess a pastoral heart and instinct, a passion for gospel ministry, and proven skill in organizational leadership and management.


  • Firm Beliefs – Has a high view of Scripture and completely affirms and adheres to Redeemer’s Beliefs and Core Convictions
  • Gospel-Centered – Seeks to abide in Christ while speaking the Gospel to themselves and others.
  • Proactively Relational – Regularly builds healthy relationships by reaching out, listening, and loving others well.
  • Can-Do Team player – Offers patience and grace to others and is eager to collaborate, assist, and serve the interests of the team sacrificially. 
  • Eager to Grow – Understands they have not yet arrived and can receive feedback to grow. Understands the value of continual, incremental improvement over an extended period.
  • Clear Communicator – Represents themselves and the organization well through verbal, written, and nonverbal communication.
  • Persistent and Focused – Can manage time, energy, and resources independently and responsibly so that they devote themselves to productive activities.
  • Humble, Positive Leader – Has an authentic, joyful attitude and genuine desire and eagerness to engage, develop and lead others while humbly giving themselves to the task and people at hand.

General Responsibilities

  • Continue to grow in the Gospel to ensure that you are actively worshiping Christ in and out of Sunday morning
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings 
  • Attend and/or serve at Redeemer functions as needed (i.e. partnership dinners, Christmas Eve Service, a conference hosted by Redeemer, etc.)
  • Participate in the creative planning of special events with the Staff Team
  • Participate and relationally engage in the life and ministry of Redeemer on Sundays and throughout the week


  • Help to shape church and staff culture through healthy presence and effective communication that casts vision, creates unity, and advances the mission
    • Participate in conversations with Lead Pastor regarding overall staffing and ministry strategies
    • Participate in weekly Sunday planning meetings 
    • Consult, assist, and troubleshoot with other staff regarding their ministries. As needed, proactively speak into potential weak spots or areas of potential improvement in order to ensure alignment, effectiveness, and strategic development.
  • Provide leadership and oversight to direct reports
    • Admin Assistant (weekly check-in)
    • Technical Director (weekly check-in)
    • Family Life Pastor (weekly check-in) 
    • Student Pastor (weekly check-in)
    • Church Life Director (weekly check-in)
  • Manages the Operations of the Church
    • HR: payroll; benefits; hiring and firing; review & evaluation; policies & procedures
    • Facility: leases, operations, equipment, maintenance, & capital improvements 
    • Meet with the Operations Team quarterly to review insurance, employee handbook, finances, Venue and office space contracts, etc.
    • Security Team: training; logistics; compliance
    • Liaise with Johnson City Police and Sunday security officer 
    • Ensure that the emergency evacuation plan is up to date and clearly communicated.
    • Oversight of church-wide communication (email, website, etc)
    • In a nutshell: ensure the “business of the church” is executed well in order to facilitate and support the ministry of the church
  • Manages finances and develops stewardship and generosity. 
    • Helps to set financial goals in collaboration with the Elder Team
    • Create and implement strategy for donor relations 
    • Review monthly expenses and meet with staff as needed to evaluate spending 
    • Meet with the bookkeeper and Operations Team leader monthly
    • Provide leadership to special projects such as: fundraising, church planting campaigns, etc.)
    • Responsible for creating the annual budget with input from elders and operations team
    • Sign checks with bookkeeper each week

Pastoral Responsibilities

  • Provide a visible and accessible leadership presence during weekend services 
  • Preach four times per year and serve in other roles as needed- i.e calls to worship, prayer, announcements, etc.
  • Teach classes and seminars as needed.
  • Provide specialized pastoral care when appropriate (funerals, hospital visits, weddings, premarital counseling, etc.)
  • Provide short-term individual counseling as needed
  • Support, encourage, uplift, visit, and help those in need in our church and the broader community.

What Success Looks Like

  • Redeemer is staffed well: high-capacity staff, in roles where they “fit,” flourishing as disciples and as leaders/employees
  • The church as an organization is well-led and well-managed, freeing pastors to focus more on ministry to people than on organizational problems
  • Elders have timely, accurate information about operations & finances so they can make effective decisions
  • The various systems and structures of Redeemer are working well, being consistently refined for optimal effectiveness
  • Property is being well-utilized and well-maintained
  • Redeemer budgets well and anticipates future expenses


Hours: 40-45 per week

Reports To: Lead Pastor

Salary: To be determined based on experience and stage of life. 

Benefits: 10-20 vacation days per year (based on total years in ministry); five spiritual refreshment days, 12 days off for major holidays, 12 sick days per year, $1800 expense account; $1200 in continuing education; full reimbursement for monthly phone coverage, a laptop or iPad. 

To Apply

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