Many from the Redeemer community are sharing the love of Jesus every day in their workplace, their local community, with their families and friends, and in their own partnerships with any number of local and global organizations. We celebrate that. We need that.

In addition to encouraging this sort of daily intentionality, we have strategically and more formally partnered with some kindred ministries both locally and globally that we really believe in.


We are thankful to partner with four organizations right here in the heart of Johnson City:

LXI is a fresh, thriving ministry that brings the Christian Gospel to at-risk kids in some of the lower income areas of Johnson City. We praise God that there are many friends from the Redeemer community serving these kids right where they are, week in and week out; even bringing the kids to worship with us on Sunday mornings.

Young Life has the equally missional purpose of reaching local high school students, engaging them with the Christian Gospel by building authentic relationships while providing students the chance to experience community together through faith in Jesus.

Cru is an international community of those passionate about connecting all people to Jesus. They offer spiritual guidance, diverse resources, and programs tailored toward people of all ages and from all cultures in every walk of life. Locally speaking, this includes a local campus ministry at East Tennessee State University.

Safe Families for Children works with local churches and ministries as well as community or government host agencies to provide sanctuary for children whose families are in a time in need. Parents can safely, voluntarily, and temporarily have their children placed with host families while taking steps to straighten out difficult circumstances, get back on track with work and finances, and otherwise prepare to better care their children. We are grateful for the chance to care for God’s children and show his love to these families through the unique and crucial ministry of Safe Families for Children.



We partner with two organizations in Guatemala called Fundaniños and Casa De Libertad. Fundaniños is an orphanage that makes a home for parentless and often homeless children in Guatemala City. Casa De Libertad, a local church announcing the hope of Jesus in Guatemala City, is a partner and friend of ours in the Acts 29 Network. Like our Redeemer community, they have a vision to plant gospel-centered churches in Guatemala and around the world.

We regularly lead teams from Redeemer on trips to serve alongside these two organizations, and hope that this effort will help them impact central America with the Christian gospel. Interested in joining us? Don’t hesitate to let us know!


What is church planting anyway? For us it’s simple: we’re part of something global. Ultimately, and across contexts, there is one Church made up of all believers past, present, and future. But, there are many expressions of this global church, and we want to see them multiplied. That’s “church planting.” It just means we’re not building our own giant kingdom. The church is meant to multiply.

To do this most effectively, we partner with the Acts 29 Network, which is a radically diverse and global family of churches planting churches. The Acts 29 Network is not a denomination, but a movement that coaches, develops, funds, and sends pastors out with the gospel to start new churches in varying cultures. For more information about Acts 29, go to www.acts29.com