It’s easy to see in our everyday lives that our hearts long to love and to be kindled with affection and with closeness. In church terms you’d say we are made to worship, and we think that’s spot-on. We’re all made for it, so much so that the whole world is searching for the next worthy god at each turn (sex, fashion, money, power, celebrities), quick with adoration and praise for it.

In Christian scripture Jesus teaches that the questions of who and how we worship are of serious importance, saying that God is seeking out true worshipers who will worship him in spirit and in truth. This means that worship is a matter of the human heart and what’s centermost in that heart.

At Redeemer we long to be the sort of worshipers whose worship is rooted in the rich truth of scripture with acutely honest and reverent language that announces Christ as the Saviour of the world; to become worshipers who are quick to bow down, quick to sing out, quick to mourn with those who mourn, and quick to laugh with those who laugh.

Lastly, we believe that worshiping God together can be both formative as well as experiential, but that it is always formative first. Coming together weekly among the Spirit of God to pray, to read, and to sing should lead our hearts to live openly under the mercy of God every day, to love as Christ loves every day, and to share such good news with the people around us every day.

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