The Redeemer community believes this generation is altering history. We really do. We see the way they are shaping a new sort of culture every day. These young people are fascinating to us. They’re important to us. And we want them to know Jesus. Because of that we want to meet these guys and gals right where they are (which goes far beyond church programs). The truth is, we all need a place to vent about a tough day. We need to know who can eat the most pancakes and how fast. We need to be challenged with intentional conversations about scripture. And sometimes we just need a rigorous game of ping pong.

We want our young people and your young people to be engaged where they actually are. We want their search for identity and belonging to end at Jesus’ feet. We want them to be truly excited about this gospel, and to help them set a course to follow Jesus today, tomorrow, and for the rest of their lives.

When do we hang out?

Middle School & High School (6th-12th grade)

Where do we hang out?

We snagged a spare room just up Main Street in a church building called Downtown Christian (they’re friends of ours), and we made it awesome. That’s where we meet on Wednesday evenings.

Meet up with us on the backside of 335 E. Main Street (that’s actually the Market Street side of the Downtown Christian building). There’s a small parking lot where students can park or be dropped off. We’ll be waiting by the door!