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Did you miss Sunday morning? Or forgot that one point? Maybe you just want to listen to the sermon again. We have you covered. Catch the latest sermon, or revisit your favorites wherever you listen to podcasts

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The Shadows of Jesus

Over the course of 2023 we are reading the entire Bible. We want to become a people of the text, and we want to help you on this journey. Each week we will release an episode discussing the readings for the week and ending with where we see “shadows” of Jesus.

The Shadows of Jesus will be available wherever you listen to podcasts.
(Updated weekly)

The Cut

On Sundays, the sermon often started much longer, but it has been carefully refined to be much more digestible. Unfortunately, this means there are some things that cannot make it into the sermon. Enter The Cut, a place where we have time to discuss what was missed on Sunday.

The Redeemer Cut is available wherever you listen to podcasts.
(On hiatus)